Sketch of Steen Holdt

About the Founder

Steen Holdt was first educated as a Carpenter and have since taken a Bachelor in Architectural Technology and Construction Management. His life long relationship with creating is the driving force behind his business.

Always being curious about how things are made and what it took to make them. Touching many fields that develop and create, Steen has found his passion in the arts and design. Bringing his professional and level-headed approach to the creative business.

With the love of seeing something new created from an idea and raw materials, Steen is always ready to explore the next project. Going in to collaborations with clients to realize a project, is the main way Steen has found that he wants to run his business.

Being open to new ideas and changes to best suit any given project is important when developing any idea. That is something Steen appreciates and find essential when working in the creative business.