World Chocolate Masters 2015

Food-safe silicone mold for a 2 meter solid chocolate sculpture and a smaller showpiece sculpture. From clay model to a finished piece ready for the competition. We used a special silicone for this project, assuring it is food-safe and suited for this application.

With large models it is necessary to construct a mold shell or mother mold to support the silicone while the casting material is being poured. The alternative is using a block mold of solid silicone and thereby using a lot of silicone. For most projects the method shown below is a far more useful approach.

Chocolate sculptures

Chocolate Showpieces at World Chocolate Masters 2015

Client: Bojesen A/S

Clay master pattern of tree trunk

Tree Trunk Modelled in Clay

Client: Bojesen A/S

Tree trunk food-safe silicone mold and Support shell in production

Tree Trunk Food-safe Silicone Mold and Support Mold in Production

Client: Bojesen A/S

From clay master to finished chocolate copy

From Clay Master to Chocolate Tree Trunk Ready for Sculpture

Client: Bojesen A/S