Our Services

We work in a capacity of delivering work that is hard to come by anywhere else. We work with creative clients that needs a solution for completing their product. Design, art, props or specialized interior elements – we try to serve in a wide variety of fields. We are familiar with a lot of different techniques in digital processes as well as in the craftsmanship to best suit the assignment.

Parts production:

  • Master patterns
  • Bespoke / one-offs
  • Limited edition fabrications / low volume productions

Briefly on Parts Production

We produce original works or unique pieces from pretty much any reference. A sketch, 3d model, photos or even based on a conversation. We can also produce master patterns to be used in further production. When producing items we often have the capabilities of producing more of the same for a reduced cost, since we are already setup for the fabrication.

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  • Replicas
  • Environmental elements
  • Set building
  • Props

Briefly on Props:

This is often highly specialized objects for use on the stage, in film, photography or scenography. The prop has to be exactly right for its use. This is mostly one-offs produced to fit the client’s needs. Scenery and larger set designs can be made on-site or produced and assembled.

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  • Block molds
  • Multi-part molds
  • Life-cast
  • Food-safe molds
  • Wood formwork
  • Rigid molds

Briefly on Molds

Molds are very useful for replicating a shape (master pattern) and thereby getting the mold for reproducing your shape in any material. We often use silicone molds for this purpose. Since silicone picks up the finest detail in the subject and is versatile it has very few limitations. Making simpler molds or large scale molds for concrete works are usually done in wood sheets or in some cases, fiber glass. Life-casting is the process of moldmaking and making replicas of the human body. Here we use skin-safe products suited for the task.

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  • Polyurethane
  • Epoxy
  • Plaster
  • Foam
  • Acrylic composites (Jesmonite etc.)
  • Concrete / GFRC

Briefly on Casting

Casting is done in a mold to replicate a master pattern. This is a process we use in most of our work. Depending on the material you choose to cast it is possible to get to a degree of detail, that it will even pick up the same glossiness your master pattern had. There is almost always a bit of retouching of the cast piece, where flashing or pour sprues needs to be trimmed away, but these can be planned out so they have little to no impact on the finished piece.

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  • On the above categories
  • Event management and planning

Briefly on Consulting

We offer consulting on large scale productions within our field. We have experience with project management. From large projects with multiple partners to small stand alone projects. And we can take care of involved processes from planning to building.

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  • Let us know what you need and we will try to make it happen